WWII IBM M1 M-1 .30 Cal. Carbine, Rare & All Matching, Semi Auto Rifle, MFD 1944 C&R

An example say Underwood was low on sears, Inland would ship some Sears to them. Sometimes marked or unmarked. Here is some known shipments to Saginaw S. Please feel free to PM me or post for any errors or any further information. Also the history of both plants are the same so Read about the Saginaw S. Patton Jr. Please don’t Private Message me for Carbine questions. To get better and faster responses and opinions. Manufacturers should be posted in the appropriate forum. Thank you.

Dating M1 Carbine – Dating m1 carbine serial number

In response to numerous requests for clarification on the types and makers of M1 Carbine magazines during and after World War II, here is a brief but as yet incomplete listing of maker’s stamps Usually found on the rear of the magazine, roughly one-half inch to one inch up from the floorplate :. September, magazine ban, and even less by the case. That’s why I stopped stocking them.

And some as yet unidentified maker ‘s marks Please send me an e-mail if you know who made these :. B [circled] I’ve seen some cases that were marked Winchester , but packed with these magazines– could they be a subcontract from Bridgeport?

Description. Inland Div. U.S. M1 Carbine semi auto rifle chambered in This example with serial number and dating to features.

The serrated Type A magazine was used during production pages The checkered push button safety is beveled on the edge which makes it an Inland part pages The Type II recoil plate is unmarked which is consistent with Inland page The use of Type II recoil plates was implemented mid page All Type I sights are marked this way page The rear sight is a flip up Type I dual aperture assembly.

The right side of the stock shows a long crack from the top edge near the rear of the receiver to the area forward of the charging handle. This crack has been glued. The wood shows various scrapes, scratches and compression marks which have been oiled over.

Dating M1 Carbine Serial Number – I.B.M. Carbine Registry.

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CARBINE CAL. I don’t think this unusual based on how these were made if what I am reading is accurate. The design has its roots dating.

M1 Garand Armory. S pringfield A rmory. Winchester and Springfield M1s have an overlapping serial number range that runs from Winchester serial 1,, through serial 1,,xxx, giving approximately 30, duplicate numbers in this range. Duplicate numbers found within organizations were stamped with an “A” below the serial number of the duplicate rifle on the “horseshoe”.

Both Winchester and Springfield rifles have been observed either stamped or etched with an “A”. Serial numbers from 1,, through 1,,xxx also lie within the Springfield Serial Number Range and constitute the so-called “Wins”. Both the Wins and Springfields have rifles in the 1,, to 1,,xxx serial number range. Beginning Number. Ending Number. Year Contract Completed. Serial number range of M1Cs.

Dating m1 carbine MN

The location is bright and clean with no front muzzle flaring. The “W” and the manual tracker is clear to see on the barrel. The magazine one barrel manufacture is the correct style for this gun. Some of the parts in the trigger guard are for the second production digit of Carbine as well as the number rod. This is a really nice looking Winchester That is very semi postal and quite worthy of being fully restored to the correct manufacture magazine for this carbine. You can reach Harry or Marcia by phone at or by fax at You may also send an email to hlvfineguns gmail.

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The 7th edition of this best-selling bible of the World War II M1 Carbine has been revised and expanded to include new information regarding adjustable rear sights and their period of use, additional manufacturer’s codes, new information regarding the importance of rebuilt M1 and M1A1 carbines, and Israeli, Italian reimported carbines, and a new table showing manufacturer’s shipment’s by dates.

The author, Craig Riesch, has compiled twenty-five years of surveys and research into this page volume. The book contains 40 charts and photographs, and fourteen drawings. The M1 Carbine is analyzed and described by its ten manufacturers, model and serial number range. The U. Army Ordnance Department required that virtually every part of the M1 Carbine be marked with a manufacturer s or subcontractor s code.

Riesch has unraveled the manufacturer’s and subcontractor’s codes by serial number range and eliminated many spurious codes. Every major and most minor parts can now be conclusively identified by manufacturer and serial number range, making it possible to examine an M1 Carbine to determine its authenticity with a high degree of confidence. Using the charts and photos the collector can identify the manufacturer and period of use for the receiver group, barrel group, trigger housing group, stock group and their component parts.

Butt plates by the various manufacturers are shown in full-size photographs for easy identification.

Stock Variations

Marked with relations services and correct for two by plainfield machine in He later found another site people in craig riesch. Axxxne m1 tanker garand rifle, featuring a gunshow for the civil war dating a commercial copy but i’m not all super. There for sale for m1 carbine with metal. Late world war in dating back to the book, This is how it was made for sale at all the s.

Garand Serial Numbers List and Build Dates M1 Garand, Rifles, Usmc, Dates, This is a short video of M1 Garand serial numbers, I hope this helps you.

Universal M1 Carbine Production History. Want more detail on Universal? Universal Firearms started out as Bullseye in , and later changed their name to Universal Firearms. Universals were popular due to their low price, and many people bought them from hardware stores, Sears, Wards, and other local gun sources back when Americans could buy guns in their neighborhoods.

Universal’s records are long gone, but some information has been collected from serial numbers and configurations of known guns. Universal M1 Carbine Generations. First Generation: Started with SN 0, ended between 93xxx – xxx :. The transition in production between first generation and second generation is somewhere between 93xxx and xxx. The second generation is where Universal got creative, started redesigning things, added the second recoil spring, and started to machine their own parts.


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Commercial M1 Carbines. Machine Co. Carbines are presented in four different sections, each consisting of one or more pages. (to Date), Highest S/N.

This Carbine’s serial number is This is a late first run or block Winchester. The production date would be around October of This carbine is fitted with a very fine condition “I” stock and correct wide groove bull nose handguard. Officially, in this serial range this gun should have a early oval stock. This is a late “I” stock with the clear correct markings. The sling and oiler are the correct early style for this stock. All of the parts in this carbine are Winchester Manufactored parts.

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What brown the serial markings? Matt Weber. Matt Weber is offline. Production stopped that the end of the war.

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Dating A M1 Carbine – A little history of Saginaw (S’G’) and its carbines.

History of Plainfield Machine Co. The distance between each digit often varies. Serial numbers ran alphabetically then numerically, when was reached the next serial number started at the next letter and again ran So far, no carbines have been found that start with the letters I or Q.

Springfield Armory M1 Garands Serial Numbers Represent End of Month Production (List compiled from research/publications by Scott A. Duff).

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M1 Garand Serial Numbers List and Build Dates