Silicon Valley’s latest big idea is Tupperware parties for marijuana

Stop the presses! And the posts!! The idea was inspired by a decline in engagement on posts and lacking party results, which led to my Facebook party frustration. Suddenly, it dawned on me, what if I used all the success strategies that have worked at my home parties for the last two decades and translated them to a virtual online direct sales party? To myself. I put the plan into action and experienced ah-mazing results in a very short period of time. Can I hear a woop woop?! Introduce yourself.

Hosting a Tupperware party… it’s easy and it pays!

As they say, the results may surprise you. My date for the evening? My mother. To sweeten the deal, she told me I could pick something from the catalogue that I liked.

The demise of the Tupperware demonstrator and the party hostess was “They are leaders in industry, leaders in the dating game and more will do a simple recipe demonstration and maybe offer a few food storage tips.

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Connect Your Tupperware Independent Rep will help pick a date, time and menu. Time to craft your guest list! Our advice? The more the merrier. Enjoy sharing this one-a-kind-party experience and earn free gifts just for hosting.

Income Perks Rewards. Cooking tips, creative recipes, free products, and time to chill with your favorite people. Saturday night. Set or the Alfresco Serving Set. Add set of two 6 oz. Keep your frozen foods fresh and organized. Freeze colorful fruit water, or easy to melt sauces with our popular covered trays.

Hilarious Off-Broadway Show “Dixie’s Tupperware Party”

A survey party can be very useful in your business. The first step is to download the Survey Party Script. Then choose one of the following surveys:. An auction party is used to increase sales, bookings and prompt payment of parties. You will need play money and prizes 2 for every 5 guests wrapped so guests do not know what is inside of package.

See more ideas about Tupperware consultant, Tupperware, Consultant business. I’m setting up April party dates now, so message me on my fan page quick!

A Tupperware party is a must if you wish to become a successful Tupperware manager who sells a lot of products. Tupperware products used to lounge on dusty shelves in hardware stores across the US till Brownie Wise, told the founder Earl Tupper, to pull them off the shelves and sell them exclusively on direct sales only. It proved to be a big hit!

Women and men love the idea of gathering around in a familiar surrounding with friends and family members, looking at products. At the same time, they socialize, have a pot luck party, learn a few new skills and also have fun. A Tupperware party is not complete without some silly games as well. Winners get nett items, with Tupperware trade marks on it, no less. Here I will share with you some tips to throw a successful Tupperware party, by location and also the items you need to have in hand.

Hey, what about the cutlery etc, for the food? Do not worry, this is the task for the hostess to do, and for her effort, she will be presented with Tupperware gift sets, depending on the amount of sales that is sold on the day. Note: a Tupperware party actually can be held anywhere, at the office during lunch break, at the park, even in a hotel room or a specially hired venue.

Guide to Vintage Tupperware

And yes, of course this also means a real earning opportunity. At Tupperware U. The confidence to be yourself. The confidence to be a successful entrepreneur while empowering others to do the same. You will be supported and understood by your community of Sales Force Members, and the Home Office Team, along the way.

From changing a diaper to your daughter’s first date, How to Adult provides expert tips to help answer all your most pressing parenting questions. Good Buys All.

In , few people had heard of Tupperware — in fact, many were skeptical of plastic food containers, which were known to peel and smell. Many women got involved in the business after being guests at these parties. Tupperware dealer Li Walker recalled, “I had a friend and she was going to have a Tupperware party, so I went. I didn’t buy very much but I thought, that’s a pretty good way to make money. Exploiting Social Networks Many new dealers did not see instant results. Many fledgling Tupperware dealers found a willing and sympathetic first hostess in a close friend or a family member.

It was these connections with female friends and relatives that usually got a Tupperware dealer’s new business off the ground. Lavon Weber found her small rural community a great help for her business: “A neighbor who lived half a mile from me said, ‘I’ll help get you started in Hugoton,’ and we dated two or three parties there that day.

And then my mother said she’d have a party, and some of my sister-in-laws. I’d go to church and people would say, ‘I hear you’re selling something,’ and I said yes. A Tupperware dealer could give two or three parties a day, still see her family off in the morning, and greet the kids when they returned from school.

15 Tupperware™ Facts From the Back of the Fridge

The party, seen Off-Broadway in , is hosted by “the incomparable and outspoken Dixie Longate, an Alabama housewife with a unique take on just about any topic,” according to production notes. Loaded with the most up-to-date products available for purchase, Ms. Longate will share how she became the number one Tupperware seller in the world as she educates her guests on the many alternative uses she has discovered for her plastic products.

Dixie began doing Tupperware parties in in Los Angeles, and the act became popular and continued to be revised over the years.

The first Tupperware party was held in Brownie Wise from Detroit went to Tupper with the idea of holding parties where people could show friends how.

Earl Silas Tupper invented and marketed Tupperware in the s. His innovative invention led to an enduring line of household products sold throughout the world. Due to an early lead and a reputation for good quality Tupperware dominated its market for many years but that began to change in the s and ’80s. In the last 20 years a crowded market and fierce competition has left Tupperware sales consultants in need of every competitive edge they can find.

Tupperware sales consultants bring products, introduce new product lines, answer questions about warranties and replacements and gather names and contact information from new customers for future sales. Every interaction with customers is an opportunity to discuss products and make sales. Other sales methods Tupperware encourages include showcases at malls, Tupperware consultant websites for a low monthly fee, fundraising, bridal registries and sales consultant recruiting. Set up an attractive table or booth, bring the newest products and catalogs and take orders, book parties and recruit new sales consultants.

Raffle Tupperware products, have a trivia contest about Tupperware history and demonstrate cooking and food preparation with Tupperware products to draw traffic to your space. Distribute business cards and refrigerator magnets with your contact information and Tupperware website address. Have popular products on hand for point of purchase sales from your booth. Promote your Tupperware sales business with an auto magnetic sign, bumper sticker or window decal.

Include your name, contact info and website address. Carry a Tupperware sample bag with business cards, catalogs and order forms whenever you go out so you never miss a customer opportunity.

How to throw a Tupperware Party

Baby boomers and members of younger generations are nostalgically collecting Tupperware. They remember their mothers and grandmothers who used the items in their kitchens or sold the products as “Tupperware Ladies. Tupper’s plastic containers for household use were strong while being light in weight, but they didn’t sell as well in stores without demonstrations to illustrate all their useful attributes to the homemaker.

Wise’s enthusiasm for the brand led her to become Tupper’s vice president, as she excelled at developing the home party concept for selling these innovative plastic products. Under her leadership in the s, Tupperware became well-known for offering American women expanded opportunities to earn an income, drive their careers, and build their confidence,” shares Tupperware.

The concept of direct marketing championed by Wise introduced Tupperware to households across America, and eventually their lines went global.

Well, I have no problem with selling party games through that home party kind of format, it’s simply not the concept I was looking for. up – Tupperware and Pampered Chef aren’t things people use up either, Full Date. I agree almost completely, Denise! When I was trying to put Great ideas there Joe!!

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It’s Called a Party for a Reason

It is the end of a year era which turned the word Tupperware into a generic name for a plastic box and which spawned a whole new way of selling. The demise of the Tupperware demonstrator and the party hostess was revealed by the Florida-based corporation after it wrote to demonstrators to say they will be out of a job at the end of March. The parties are being axed and nearly 1, UK jobs, nearly all held by women, will be lost – 1, demonstrators, managers and 20 distributors.

After picking a date and getting a party arranged with a rep, I had to If you need a few recipe ideas for your Tupperware party, be sure to.

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And, someone, like myself, who is a little more on the straight and narrow But, basically, I feel like that it has the stigma, and the way to take the stigma away is remove the dealer. Have the hostess. You can invite her over, except the Tupperware has brownies in it.